TMJ Massage

TMJ Treatment as part of the Buccal Massage Facial

Enjoy the relief of the TMJ remedial treatment

TMJ Treatment

The TMJ inner mouth is a method of treating problems and disorders, such as jaw pain and clicking. It is when chewing muscles and ligaments around the jaw become inflamed and irritated.

TMJ massage

The TMJ problem is characterized by pain, stiffness, clicking, clunking or popping sounds and aching in the jaw muscles, especially around the ear. It can be so annoying and painful that it can have a serious impact on the quality of life as it has been known to affect the whole body if it becomes chronic.

TMJ massage Sydney

Jaw Massage

We use pressure and inner-mouth deep-release massage to deactivate sensitive points in the muscle and to release or soften a knot.

We massage the area by pressing gently and moving in a circular motion. The massage is highly effective in treating TMJ and in assisting to release the tension and pain of joint clicking.

Treating trigger points with some massage techniques is usually very calming.

TMJ massage

As part of a facial session we can also offer to include a specific inner mouth Buccal face massage to ease the pain of TMJ.

By targeting the muscles we approach them from both the inside and outside of your mouth.

Buccal massage is performed from inside and outside the mouth. It is a facial massage technique that can effectively relieve the symptoms of TMJ disorder.

One very effective way to reduce the pain, discomfort and tension of TMJ is with the inner mouth Buccal massage.

Acupressure for TMJ

We also use acupressure massage with the Kansa wand triggering the pressure points.
There are many acupressure pressure points that can help with the TMJ. Sometimes, acupressure can assist in the relief of the TMJ disorder.

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Always consult your physician or healthcare professional if you think you need treatment.