Treat your Team & Colleagues to the Best Face Yoga Workshops

Let's Organize Something Different & Special - Online/Zoom Exercise Classes.

Let’s Release Facial Tension, Neck and Eye Strain by Exercising Our Face Muscles

Easy To Organize Team Bonding Facial Exercise for Corporate workshops

It is Fun for everyone!
There are No Side Effects!
It doesn’t require any special equipment!
It is a Natural Way to exercise the Muscles’ Face!

The Many Benefits to Facial Exercise

Helps release facial tension, neck and eye strain!
Relax those stress levels and do something for the overall well-being!
Easily perform face yoga using nothing more than our fingers to create light resistance!
Face yoga helps us look and feel better as a result may mean we also notice ourselves feeling calmer and happier!

Fun Face Yoga For Everyone! Men and Women! No Equipment Required!

Face Yoga Exercise is 
A powerful, Elegant and Balanced look to the face and neck.
Using muscle resistance training to tone all the facial and neck muscles.
Let’s all start exercise those face muscles and build fibre which reduces wrinkles.

Face yoga is about knowing HOW to move our face muscles so that we can trigger the ones we need to work on, and isolate and relax the rest.
We have 55 muscles on our face and if we don’t work them out, we lose them.

How to Arrange Face Yoga Classes?

Classes can be arranged for 30 minutes during lunch time or any other break.

You can decide when you would like to have the classes and organise a space in your premises for the class.

Your staff will enjoy and thank you for best fun and relaxing face yoga exercise.