A program that can change your face change your life
and the way you feel about yourself.

Face yoga exercise – 2000 years proven step-by-step way that focuses on your facial movements and expressions. The method teaches you how to correctly perform the exercises on your face muscles to create a firmer, more toned complexion.
Face exerciseThe end result is younger, radiant, glowing skin, a greater sense of self-confidence, and new awareness from the inside out.
Face yoga is about knowing HOW correctly move your face muscles. This way we trigger the one muscle that you need to work on and isolate and relax the rest.
A facial exercise program is designed to strengthen and contour the underlying muscles of your face. And so, enhance the health and vitality of your skin.

Face Yoga is a preventative measure to reduce signs of ageing and tension.

Just as your body needs regular exercise to stay toned and firm, the 55 muscles in the face and neck also need to be exercised.
Facial muscles will naturally begin to lose elasticity and flexibility with age due to lack of use, which leads to a droopy appearance.
As the muscles become stronger through exercise they are lifted and firmed. The skin attached to the muscles is also lifted and tautened, therefore reducing lines and wrinkles. As the face muscles are much smaller than those in the body, it takes a lot less time for them to increase in strength and tone.
Face Yoga is for everyone. Men and women, young and old. It is never too late to start improving the health of your face. Whether you are starting to see the first signs of ageing or if you have deep-set lines and wrinkles; the exercises and techniques will be beneficial for you. The earlier you start the exercises the less likely you are to see signs of ageing and tension in the face.

There is no amount of creams that can "magically" improve blood flow, increase collagen biosynthesis in the skin, diminish and tone your facial muscles.

The more you exercise face yoga, the better the results and the sooner you will see improvement.
We practice facial yoga exercises combined with acupressure massage techniques. By combining both techniques we smooth away wrinkles and shed off years of our looks.

By using fingertips on the muscles, skin, tissues, and pressure points your face will become toned blood flow increases to the skin cells and the underlying face tissue firms and tighten.  

Face Yoga exercise is now offered only as part of Facial Treatments to personalize and suit each client individually.