Unique Exclusive Facial Massage Method

Steam Enriched  Ozone
Best Stimulating Hand Masage
EMS – electric muscle stimulator
Kansa massage with our Essentioal Oils
Hydrating mask + Clay mask + Eye mask

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Extremely relaxed atmosphere with the beautician personal touch and dedication.

Face Massage Sydney

The only massage method which follows best face massage approach based on combination of a few methods and techniques. From the 5000 years old Indian method to the Japanese techniques and Chinese approach to the complete facial massage. All techniques are naturally stimulating the muscles of the face, neck and shoulders to increase collagen production and elastin. It is better for the skin than you can imagine.

Clients feel after the facial massage awake and radiant. It is a workout for the face. During the face massage, we drain the toxins to release puffy, dull complexion.

Sydney Beautician

The salon is run by a beautician with 30 years  experience who developed this combined techniques which have proved itself over the years. While at the same time keep refining and updating this method.

Benefits of Face Massage

  • Smooths wrinkles
  • Increases circulation
  • Skin will look younger
  • Great for blood flowing
  • More nutrients & Oxygen
  • Can banish under eye bags
  • Release of muscles tension
  • Relaxing as well as invigorating
  • A Natural anti-aging facelift method
  • We can eliminate toxins from the face
  • A great Relive for tension and helps relaxation
  • A great way to assist products to penetrate the skin

Face Massage Sydney

face massage Sydney

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